Ever since I was a child I had the gift of insight to read, see and feel what others around me were thinking and feeling. Like other awakened individuals, that knowledge was severely dampened until much later in my life when I appeared on radio and TV, became a well-known author, and held live events around the world with the message I wanted each person to hear – that you have amazing untapped abilities to change, improve and create brand new realities for yourself and others. And now there is more support and energy to do so than ever before.


I discovered a One Command six-step process that has changed, improved, and transformed over 500,000 folk’s lives around the world with this same ability to create your life in a brand new way. I watched The One Command empower and enlighten those just like you, again and again. I invite you to engage your inherent untapped subconscious powers and expand them beyond what you think is possible; to direct and enhance your life both quickly and easily, and to tune in to the new-elevated frequencies bombarding the planet through our One Command Enlightened Consciousness programs.